Growth hacking is about building or exploiting features within products online that draw users in and keep them spending.  


It's not easy running a business, and adding to the dilemma is the social media mine field. Who has the head space to deal with the ever changing algorithm and continual application updates?

Why not leave it to the experts at Bix Media we can setup and monitor your social media accounts and build your social worth organically.

Like me I'd rather be noticed for our business achievements and ethical worth. Why pay the juggernaut conglomerates your advertising dollar and be rewarded with no social worth when you decide to stop advertising with them.

With an organic and holistic marketing approach you own your database and brand and you are in 100% control.

Yes even big business in Australia have caught on that YouTube owned by Google, advertising algorithm is massively flawed. Announcing a public apology and hurrying to try and fix how a paid AD will be displayed. [March 2017]

Want to grow your business organically and NOT pay for social media or AD word campaign advertising?
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